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India's legal protocol to hang death row convicts

Posted on Nov 21, 07:29PM | IANS

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid Wednesday said India had completed all legal protocols before Mumbai terror attack convict Ajmal Kasab was executed.

The protocol India follows before a death row convict is hanged if he/she has filed a mercy petition:

**Trial Court: Finds the accused guilty, crime as the rarest of the rare cases and awards death penalty.

**High Court: Admits appeal against trial court verdict, but upholds findings of the trial court and the sentence.

**Supreme Court: Admits appeal against the high court judgment, but confirms findings of the rarest of the rare cases and sentence.

**State Governor: Accepts mercy petition and forwards it to the union home ministry through the state home ministry.

**Union Home Ministry: Considers the mercy petition and puts it up before the president with recommendation to reject.

**President: Considers the home ministry recommendations and rejects the plea. Sends file back to the union home ministry.

**Union Home Ministry: Sends the file to the state home ministry.

**State Home Ministry: Executes the convict at convenient time and place.