London, Dec 3 IANS | 2 years ago

Singer-actor Robbie Williams says he took cocaine once but didn't enjoy the experience.

"Yea. I have tried cocaine. Only cos we ran out of coke. It was like: 'Yeah all right then, I will have a go.' It was horrible, it made me throw up," quoted Williams as saying.

"That particular opiate did not suit me that day. Thank god," he said.

Williams quit drinking 13 years ago, but he has since been to rehab for the legal pill habits that left him hours from death.

He is now leading a cleaned-up life though, after the birth of his daughter Theodora Rose in September 2012.

"I am nearly 40, I have got a history of heart disease in the family. That is why I know that two combined are not good. And I also know that coke instantly takes me to a place that is not great, it is not fun," he said.

Williams says his wife Ayda Field, 34, has been the key to keeping him on the straight and narrow.

(Posted on 03-12-2013)