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Bihar police removed poster of Amitabh after his reservation

Posted on Nov 12, 08:15AM | UNI

Stung by strong protest from megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Bihar police today removed the poster bearing his photo which was earlier used to enourage youths to join main stream of society and not get trapped in violent activities as instigated by Naxalites in Kaimur district.

Superintendent of Police, Kaimur district, Umashankar Sudhanshu said the publicity material was used without prior consent of the 70-year-old Bollywood star and has been removed following the latter's tweet.

"I would like to make it clear that photo of mega filmstar was not used to promote any business purpose and it had sole aim to encourage youths to lead healthy life in mainstream of the society without being trapped in violent activities on instigation of the naxalites," Mr Sudhanshu said, adding that the poster and other publicity materials were withdrawn soon after it was learnt that Mr Bachchan had reservation over the use of his photo without obtaining his permission.

"The posters were part of an educational program 'Adhaura 30', and was being used to educate the youths in the Naxal-affected district and wean them away from the Maoists's influence," said the SP.

"We have removed the banner with Bachchan's poster from the only place in Adhaura block that it has been put up to educate the youths. I say sorry to Mr Bachchan for using his poster to motivate and educate the youths," Mr Sudhanshu further added.

"Just read news about my photograph being used by Bihar Police .. This is illegal, no consent taken or given, lawyers in action now ..,", Mr had Bachchan had posted on Twitter.