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Barack Obama's political skills helped him: daily

Posted on Nov 08, 06:41PM | IANS

Barack Obama's political skills and reservoirs of support "in very many an American heart" helped him reclaim the American presidency, a New York daily said Thursday.

"This was Obama's night to savour a victory that many had thought inconceivable in light of the nation's high unemployment rate," the NY Daily News said in an editorial.

"It was a testament to his political skills and to the reservoirs of support abiding for him in very many an American heart."

But the newspaper cautioned that the depth of Mitt Romney's backing should be a lesson to Obama.

"The Republican ran a dogged, disciplined campaign that drew a resistant GOP (Grand Old Party) base to his side out of loyalty not to the man, but to conservative philosophy.

"He's history, but the fervour lives on in a Republican-controlled House of Representatives."

In returning Obama to the White House, the American people have given the 44th president an opportunity to fulfil the promise of his election four years ago, it said. "He has his work cut out for him."