New Delhi, May 20 UNI | 2 months ago

It was a day of historic moments in India's political annals.

After 60 years, any party other than Congress got a majority on its own and its leader was appointed by the President as 15th Prime Minister of the world's largest and most populous democracy. In an unprecedented and emotional gesture,it was the first time since Independence that the Prime Minister-in-waiting Narendra Modi fell to his knees to touch the floor of the entrance of Parliament, the temple of democracy.

Modi left an indelible mark by the rare gesture and broke down during his absorbing and spirited speech when he made it clear that he had not done any ''kripa''( favour) to the party by steering it to the landslide victory. He was touched by the emotional outburst of the partys patriarch LK Advani who had said that Modi had done a great ''kripa'' to the BJP by accepting the directive of leading it as PM candidate. Modi could not conceal his emotions.

Tears welled up in his eyes and voice choked when he pleaded with Mr Advani not to use word ''kripa.''

According to him, like Bharat Mata, BJP is also like his mother and no son does any favour to his mother by serving her.

Modi ducked to hide his emotions but choked voice and moist eyes revealed all.

He demanded a glass of water and continued amid thumping of desks.

Modi said the party has done a favour to him.

The PM-designate also committed his government to work for the poor and said, ''they see dreams and we see dreams for them.''

Amid jubilation and accolades, Mr Advani broke down when he was welcoming Mr Modi in the Parliament House.

It was perhaps for the first time when the PM-elect touched the feet of the party senior leader twice. Modi touched Mr Advanis feet twice today. While people were elated over the BJPs thumping victory at the hustings, parties badly drubbed in the ballot 2014, cracked the whip in the most populous state of UP which sends 80 members to the House of the People.

BSP supremo Mayawati dissolved all its state organisations for revamping while Samajwadi Party president and state Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav sacked 36 advisers to the government organisations for the partys dismal show in the polls.

While BSP drew a blank, SP had managed to get five seats-all family members only.

Mr Akhilesh Yadav fired 36 out of 80 politicians and others who were appointed as advisers in various government departments and given a rank of Minister of State.

Mayawati dissolved all the district, assembly and state level organisations of the party in the wake of the BSP's debacle in the Lok Sabha elections and announced that these would be reconstituted very soon.

She dissolved the organisations of all levels and removed all the zonal and assembly coordinators.

It was for the first time any sitting Chief Minister was appointed Prime Minister by the President after a landslide victory in general elections.

For the first time, a sitting chief minister will tender resignation as CM to don the mantle of the countrys PM.

For the record, in the countrys political history, the general elections were fought by the principal opposition party as presidential form of polls where PM candidate was announced and single handedly spearheaded the campaign.

After venomous election campaign, it was a different day as Narendra Modi said the good work done by previous regimes must be appreciated and offered compliments to their leaders.

(Posted on 21-05-2014)