Mandi, May 17 UNI | 3 months ago

Hailing the unprecedented and historic victory of BJP in the country including former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal expressed confidence that a new era of development and prosperity would dawn in Himachal Pradesh as Mr Modi becomes Prime Minister.

He said Mr Modi would be the first Prime Minister in the history of India getting elevated from the state chief minister to the top post by virtue of his own gigantic efforts, merit and dynamic personality.

Prof Dhumal said "only a person like Modi with a long unblemished political life could make India a world power. A decisive mandate would give him a free hand to execute his ambitious plans to lift India out of the mire of poverty, corruption , unemployment of youths and scams."

He said with the coming of Mr Modi in power there was a panic among the criminals, black marketers and those who were spreading communal venom in the country for flourishing their politics of hatred among the various casts and communities. Happily, Mr Modi has succeeded in breaking the barriers of castes and religion during these elections, he said.

The Former chief minster said frantic efforts of Modi bore fruit in the 16th Lok Sabha elections. This time it was a pure Modi wave which gave record seats of 337 to NDA and the BJP attained comfortable majority of 282 seats fulfilling the quest of Modi for a clear mandate.

He said "there are big challenges before the new Prime Minister. The mega scams of Congress had brought the economy of the country on the brink of bankruptcy due to the widespread corruption by those in power. Billion of dollars had been looted and deposited in foreign banks. This huge money will have to be brought back to the country by the new Prime Minister."

The landslide majority attained by Mr Modi would make him independent to take even stern measures for the welfare of the people unlike the Congress Prime Minister who had always crying over the 'compulsions of the coalition government' which had been blackmailing him, he added.

Prof Dhumal said after (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee who had granted Himachal Pradesh a special economic package which the

UPA government, after coming to power, withdrew it leaving the state in lurch.

It had sparked off widespread resentment in the state culminating in total rout of Congress from Himachal Pradesh in the 2014 general elections.

He lamented that Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh did nothing after coming to power except tormenting his detractors and political rivals.

Prof Dhumal said Mr Modi yesterday congratulated him on telephone for giving all the four seats to BJP from Himachal Pradesh and added that Modi had a clear 'concept and vision' to make Himachal one of the richest states of the country by harnessing its mammoth potentials of hydel power generation, tourism and pollution free industries.

These efforts would generate employment and self employment for the youths. During his addresses in rallies in Himachal Pradesh Modi had broadly set out the future shape of the state, he added.

(Posted on 17-05-2014)