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Chhatra stolen from famous Dhari Devi temple

Posted on Oct 28, 10:46AM | UNI

A silver chhatra and other 'puja' articles have been stolen fron the famous Siddhapith Dhari Devi temple near Srinagar Garhwal, police said today.

The theft was discovered this morning when the priest unlocked the door of room in the temple where the items of worship were kept. He found that the clothes and other things donated to Goddess were scattered, police said.

The Chhatra, estimated at worth Rs 1.25 lakh, and some other articles including vessels were missing. The jewellery of the temple was safe as the priest takes the jewellery of the goddess home after evening 'arti', police said.

Since the sacred brass bells at the temples were not touched, it was being suspected that the robbers could be local residents.

It was found that the robbers had entered the temple after breaking the roshandan. The police interrogated the temple guard and others and was looking into the matter.