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Buddha Park to be unveiled by the Dalai Lama on March 26 in Sikkim

Posted on Jan 17, 10:07PM | UNI

The Sikkim government has decided to invite the Buddhist temporal head Dalai Lama to unveil the statue of Lord Buddha to mark his 2550 birth anniversary in south Sikkim's Rabong area, about 70 kms south of Gangtok.

Sikkim Tourism Minister Bhim Prasad Dungel yesterday announced at a news conference," We decided to have the inauguration ceremony on March 26," The Sakyamuni project at Rabong would be a landmark in Sikkim's unique effort in uniting travelling and religion, which the Union ministry approved as one of the important Buddhist circuits in India.

The statue of Lord Buddha, in 'dharma chakra' mudra, is made of copper with gold plating and, perhaps, will be the tallest Buddha statue in sitting position in India with 100 ft tall and 35 ft wide, reaching a total height up to 135 ft with an estimated cost of Rs 35 crore.

The mega Buddha Eco Park project at an area of 20 acres, is aimed to invite the travellers from around the world. The area once completed can accommodate some 3000 people at a time with all logistic facilities.

After the completion of project, it will have musical fountains and many more facilities for the pilgrims as well as the tourists with a meditation hall, congregational hall, an interpretation hall, library, an amphitheatre, administrative and commercial units, cafeterias and accommodations for the visitors.