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Mizoram Church against 'aggressive' membership drive

Posted on Nov 17, 10:30PM | UNI

Mizoram Presbyterian Church, the largest and powerful denomination in the all-Christian state has taken a strong exception to "aggressive" membership enrollment drive by political parties.

"The Synod was shocked to learn that some political parties have threatened the voters against exclusion from different government schemes unless they join their parties," Mizoram Presbyterian Church's synod social front said in statement today.

The statement signed by the synod executive secretary Rev Lalzuithanga said that such "forced enrollment" was more common in the rural areas where the people are poor than urban areas.

The social front termed such aggressive enrollment campaign as violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, besides being "un-Christian." "The Synod social front wants that such activities should not take place in a Christian state," it said.

The Church also wanted all its members to be free from such forced enrollment drive and to boldly hold out against it.

With more than 50 percent of the state's population being its members, the Mizoram Presbyterian Church has great influence on the government's decision making and shaping the opinion of the electorate.