Mandi, May 1 UNI | 3 months ago

A leader of BJP and former Rajya Sabha member, Bimla Kashyap, has advised Priyanka Gandhi to remain within her limits in commenting on national leaders especially Narendra Modi.

Referring to her recent "childish and silly" outbursts she cautioned her against spitting at the sky.

Ms Kashyap said it was her legitimate right to campaign for her brother, Rahul Gandhi, but throwing mud and using "undignified and invective" language against a person of Modi's stature, with long unblemished political life did not behove the daughter of a Nehru family.

Ms Kashyap asked her to look back to the Nehru era. She said people of this country were obliged to the legacy of Moti Lal Nehru and Jawahar Lal Nehru who were patriots and not scammers. However, with all his good intentions he is said to be responsible for the present Kashmir problem, she added.

She also said that Nehru committed a big blunder by spoiling good relation with China, with whom India had signed "Panch Sheel" agreement of lasting peace and friendship.

Tragically Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister, was made the sacrificial goat. India was saved as Chinese made a unilateral withdrawal.

Ms Kashyap lamented that after the Nehru era things started worsening as corruption flourished during the rule of the successors of Nehru family. A trail of scams and scandals assumed alarming proportions tarnishing the reputation of India at home and abroad.

She advised Ms Gandhi to read the writing on the wall. She was bound to be hurt by the criticism of her husband, Robert Badhra, and was making silly outbursts boasting that she was not afraid of anyone, Ms Kashyap said adding

any time the legal scrutiny of how Robert Vadara made Rs 300 crore out of investment of mere Rs one lalkh in just 3 years was bound to come to surface and land him in trouble. She warned Ms Gandhi against living in "fools paradise".

(Posted on 01-05-2014)