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Campaigning in scorching sun in Telangana region with mercury constantly hovering above 40 Degrees is forcing leaders of political parties to stick to eating easily digestible food and furit juices to save themselves from dehydration.

A host of fruit juices and vitamin and mineral supplements are popular among leaders out in the heat and dust. It also includes Tulasi and Pudina water or Pomegranate -fruit juice as one travels.

While TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu has taken to Raagi Ambali (porridge made of raagi millet) and idlis, YSRCP President Jagan has been consuming lot of fruit juices, For TRS chief KCR it is plenty of milk and idlis. APCC President N Raghuveera Reddy helps himself with Ragi Sankati and country chicken especially for break fast.

CPI state unit President and Khammam Parliament candidate also prefers chicken preparations.

The life style and the eating habits of political leaders, other campaigners and candidates-are coming to public knowledge as they are on the run.

To keep fit and smiling as they seer voters support the leader are keeping a strict vigil over their diet so that they dont't fall sick.

Here is a list of the eating regimen of the leaders during campaigning:

TDP president Chandrababu Naidu: 64 year old TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is a regimented politician. His morning exercises, yoga and meditation are a popular mantra for every politician in the country.

For breakfast, he consumed just two idlis and buttermilk and if not idlis he preferred Ragi sankati (a boiled ragi millet four).

For lunch, he repeated Ragi sankati with dal and green lentils. At night he preferred Upma or Pongal.

He normally drank more butter milk than water and avoided tea or coffee totally.

During his marathon padayatra he drank Tulasi or Pudina laced water and beet rout juice for stamina.He shared lunch or dinner with party workers and leaders .

YSRC president YS Jaganmohan Reddy: the 42 year old Jagan preferred fruit juices and tea in morning as appetizers. Idli, upma were his favorite breakfast items. Avoided oily stuff like dosa and vada .

He normally avoided lunch but preferred meat when at home or plain vegetarian items when on tour.

While on travel. he preferrs seeds of Pomegranate Fruit and other dry fruits and ate pulkas and rocky curds . 'However he ate lot of orange perppermints when on move '.

TRS President-K Chandrasekhar Rao: 60 year old Chandrasekhar Rao had lots of milk and idly for morning break fast.

Like Jagan, he was a low eater but preferred seasonal fruits more like Jama and custard apple. In afternoons, he ate gravy curries and spicy veg and non veg items with rice and rotis. 'He consumes lot of Pomegranate juice after lunch'. KCR is known for his evening eats events like samosas and pakodis besides his late evening habits over a glass. APCC President Raghuveera Reddy:

The 57 year old Rayalaseema leader hailing from Anantapur belt close to Bangalore is known for his non veg eating.

He preferred dosa or idly for breakfast and lot of fruits for deserts. For lunch he ate Raagi sankati and country chicken pulusu (gravy).

He ate a healthy dinner of curd rice, spicy curries, ragi sankati and always in company of friends and relatives. He lived most of his days in Bangalore where he has several hotels so his food varieties are normally available for just ordering at short notice. BJP state President G Kishan Reddy:

The 49 year old Telangana leader Kishan Reddy is a poor eater. So if one went out with him, they could normally starve.

His breakfast, lunch and dinner are all Jowar rotis. Rice, sambar and curd rice. He did not make fuss about food and also beverages.

While on campaign he gave preference to butter milk, fruit juices and plain curd rice. He is also a very fast eater. His lunch or dinner or even breakfast ended in just five to ten minutes . 'Even after three terms in assembly, politics for two decades, he often behaved more like a student rather than a calculated person, was the description of his colleagues in politics. CPI state unit Chief K Narayana:

The 62 year old CPI leader is a fond of spicy food - particularly chicken curry and idli's for breakfast. He ate ragi java or corn flakes or even coffee in mornings.

He had vowed to not consume chicken after eating chicken on Gandhi Jayanti day.

But the publicity has earned him popularity that there is rain of chicken food wherever he went now.

(Posted on 11-04-2014)