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Men wearing purple attract more women

Posted on Oct 15, 07:25PM | IANS

Many women decline a date with someone because they hate their clothes but a man wearing a purple shirt seems to be the most attractive to all womenfolk, says a new study.

Around 28 percent of women in a poll of 2,000 people said they declined a date with someone because they disliked their clothes, the Daily Mail reported.

The survey by washing detergent maker Ariel found that only 14 percent of male respondents were so picky.

Women felt so strongly about a man's dress sense that 60 percent said clothes were the top dating deal breaker. It was followed by a man's haircut at 17 percent, the and style of shoes at nine percent.

Men stood more of a chance with women if they wear purple. Around 36 percent of women accepted a date from a man dressed in a purple shirt.

The classic crisp white shirt got only 13 percent of votes, while wearing blue or pink found just 11 percent and six percent favour.

Many women also plot a wardrobe overhaul for men, with 25 percent ladies admitting they think there is room for improvement in their partner's dress sense.

One in 20 women admitted they dictate their partner's style when they leave the house.

One in three women admit to having no qualms in demanding their partner change their clothes because they are embarrassed to be seen out with them.

However, a fifth of men also admit to doing the same thing.

One in 10 men and women admitted they have even destroyed a partner's item of clothing that they really disliked.