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Himachal Pradesh to host International Paragliding from Oct 25

Posted on Oct 04, 05:48PM | UNI

Himachal Pradesh Youth Services and Sports department will organise the Paragliding International Championship (FAI-C-II) and Himalayan National Paragliding Championship from October 25 to November one at Bir Billing in Kangra district.

The department is hosting these events in collaboration with Himachal Pradesh Tourism department and with technical support from Aero Club of India FAI. Trial day will be October 22 while competition days are from October 26 to November one.

The opening ceremony will be held on October 25 at 1100 hours at Billing and closing ceremony is lasted for November one at 1500 hours at Bir.

Final selection of the participants for the Himachal National Paragliding Championship and the Paragliding International Championship Bir-Billing India (FAI C-II) 2012 will be declared on October 22 by 1500 hours.

Invitation to the Paraglider Pilots in India and abroad will be sent by the Youth Services and Sports department in consultation with the Aero Club of India. Participation is subject to acceptance by the Organising Committee.

International pilot proficiency instrument of level three or equivalent National will be the eligible criteria for foreign pilots.

Any Indian pilot having/exhibiting capabilities of doing 35 km cross country twice and knowing all collision avoidance air traffic rules and as per guidelines suggested by Aero Club of India for the local paragliders can take part in the Paragliding International Championship Bir-Billing India-2012 (FAI C-II).