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Sustained agriculture growth needed to face food security challenge:President

Posted on Oct 03, 08:17PM | UNI

President Pranab Mukherjee today emphasised on the need of sustained agriculture growth with application of latest technology meet challenges of food security in days ahead.

After launching the Agriculture Road Map of Bihar here, Mr Mukherjee said the sustained agriculture growth with application of latest research and related technology should be the focus to meet the challenges of food security in the days ahead.

'First green revolution provided great impetus to agriculture production in North Western region, but the Eastern region could not reap its benefits and lagged behind on various parameters of agriculture growth in the country,' Mr Mukherjee said, adding taking into consideration this vital factor, he as the then finance minister in the budget 2010-11, had delineated four pronged strategy covering agriculture production, reduction in wastage of produce, credit support to farmers and thrust to the food processing industries.

'As the then finance minister, I had made provision of Rs 800 Crores for the years 2010-11 and 2011-12 while for the year 2012-13, the allocation was raised to Rs 1000 Crores to support agriculture growth in Estern region which could not get benefits of first green revolution,' Mr Mukherjee pointed out.