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Awareness session on energy storage solutions at tech campus

Posted on Mar 14, 10:38PM | UNI

Kolkata, Mar 12 : Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, organised an awareness session under Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) Phase-II to make the students aware of different energy storage solutions in the current scenario.

The session was addressed by Vice President and Chief in Research and Development, Exide Industries Limited Dr Dipak Senchoudhury at The Heritage campus here today.

Dr Senchoudhury started the session by giving in detailed examples of renewable sources of energy which is the future of India in energy conservation as well as energy generation.

He made the students understand the applications of wind energy, solar energy, bio-mass, fossil fuel, ocean energy and many more which can be used as sources of renewable energy for sustainable development.

Apart from this, he also cited various applications of a battery which can be categorised into standing applications and cyclic applications. While giving examples, he also spoke about Hybrid vehicles which are already being very much prominently used in USA and other foreign countries.

He cited the example of Toyota Pirus which is a hybrid vehicle giving excellent mileage per litre. 'Soon such type of cars will be flooding the market, once it is made affordable,' said Dr Senchoudhury.

The Btech students got a practical insight of different ways of energy storage through The Exide India perspective.