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Ravi Shankar launches project in Kolkata

Posted on Mar 07, 01:12PM | IBNS

Kolkata, Mar 6 : "Give one hour to the nation. The country has problems because good people are apathetic. Youth must take charge & Volunteer for Better India", appealed Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual leader, humanitarian and founder of The Art of Living, at a national initiative - Volunteer for a Better India (VFABI), held at Gitanjali Stadium in south Kolkata.

"Youngsters should come forward and join politics with an attitude of service. I am glad the youth of India have awakened against corruption, crime. This energy must be channelized to bring a peaceful revolution", said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

"I welcome ideas and suggestions from everyone on what steps can be taken to better the country".

Sri Sri has been on a five day tour of West Bengal since March 1. He initiated the VFABI (Volunteer for a Better India) initiative at Siliguri, Andol, Purulia, Durgapur, Murshidabad, before reaching Kolkata. He said, "One who comes to help without being asked to help; one who is self-motivated and inspired becomes a volunteer."

Volunteer for a Better India (VFABI) is a project for making a difference to the city, country and above all to one's self, said the spiritual guru.

He said it is a Citizen's Action Plan.

"Old and young, rich and poor, urban and slum dwellers, school/college students, Corporate and Business Community, NGOs, RWAs, Hospitals, Leaders from Art, Culture, Music, Literature, Theatre, people from all walks of life have an opportunity to participate," he said.

This initiative invites one to give 1 hour to the Nation.

"Choose any activity that you think will make a difference, under any of the 6 themes - Environment, Education, De-addiction, Girl Child and Women's Safety, Senior Citizens and Good Governance/ Voice against Corruption. Over the next few weeks, several hundreds of such activities would be taken up," he said.

Several other service groups and NGOs from the city joined hands to further the cause of nation building, such as Mahila Samilty orgphanage of Narendrapur, CDAC, Kolkata Police, Ishwar Sankalpa, Cini Asha, Life Line, Shushurti and many more.