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Baljit's safe return: People of Sangwal village in fascinated environm

Posted on Feb 13, 10:59AM | UNI

Jalandhar, Feb 12 : People of Sangwal village are over joyous to celebrate the safe return of village youth Baljit Singh who is likely to reach the village late tonight.

He is one of the 17 Punjabi youths who had escaped gallows in a murder case in Dubai. People of the village besides his family members are eagerly waiting for his arrival in the village.

The excited villagers have made drum beating welcome arrangements to greet the village youth who had spent more than four years in the Sharjah jail of Dubai.

All the 17 Punjabi youths released from the Sharjah jail have been taken to Amritsar to pay obscene at Sri Harmandir Saheb after they landed at the Delhi Air Port.

All the 17 youths, including one from Haryana were released after a blood money of 1 million dollars was paid to the family of Pakistani national Mishri Khan killed in a gang war in January 2009.

The Sharjah court finding them guilty of killing Mishri Khan and injuring two of his cousins sentenced all of them with death.

A Dubai-based Punjabi hotelier and a philanthropist SPS Oberoi played a significant role in their release and arranged the hefty amount to be paid as blood money to the family of the victim.