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11pc Indian households headed by females: Govt data

Posted on Dec 28, 06:02PM | IBNS

About 27 million households constituting 11pc of the total households of the country are headed by females.

Kerala tops the list of States with 23pc households having a female as head.

This finding has been revealed in the Household data released on Friday in the capital by Minister of State for Home Affairs R.P.N.Singh.

The C.D. containing the data on the Households was released by the Minister.

The data was released as part of the findings/ results of the first phase of Census 2011 on "House Listing and Housing Census".

Inaugurating the National Data Dissemination Workshop organised by Registrar and Census Commission India, Singh said that availability of such detailed data enables Planning Commission and the government to finalise their schemes.

Singh pointed out that significant improvement has been achieved in quality of houses but access to drinking water, electricity and sanitation are the areas where more needs to be done.

C.Chandramouli, Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India gave the main highlights from Census 2011.

Summary findings of the data are as below:

a) There are about 27 million female headed households (HHs) in the country. They constitute 10.9pc of the total households in the country.

b) 43.7pc of households in Lakshadweep and 23pc households in Kerala have a female as head.

c) About 49 lakh Single-Member Female HHs are there in the country. Three-fourth of them live in rural areas.

d) In seven major States, namely Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Gujarat, the proportion of Single Member Female Headed HH is more than 20pc .

e) The proportion of Male Headed HHs has declined by 0.6pc in 2011 compared to 2001 while proportion of Female Headed HHs has increased by 0.5pc in the same period.

f) More than 60pc of Female Headed HHs have permanent houses while in case of SC and ST categories amongst Female Headed HHs the percentage reduces to 55.8pc and 33.4pc respectively.

g) Around 18pc of Female Headed HHs have to travel more 500m in urban areas and 1km in rural areas to access drinking water.

h) Around 48pc of Female Headed HHs have a latrine within the premises.

i) Around 59pc of Female Headed HHs have bathing facilities within the premises.

j) Around 45pc Female Headed HHs live in one-room premises.

k) Around 42.5pc of Female Headed HHs use LPG/PNG as a fuel for cooking.

l) Around 45pc of Female Headed HHs have television as an asset while in case of Male Headed HHs, the percentage increased to 47.5pc .

m) Only 3.2pc of Female Headed HHs have Car/Jeep/Van while 4.8pc of Male Headed HHs have Car/Jeep/Van as an asset.

n) Around 29pc of Female Headed HHs do not possess any asset such as radio/ TV/ telephone/bicycle/scooter/Car. However, in respect of Male Headed HHs, only 16.5pc have no assets.