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Cardamom growers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu get Tata's brand identity

Posted on Dec 19, 07:41PM | UNI

Formed in 2006 by the progressive cardamom growers of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the South Indian Green Cardamom Company (SIGCC) today signed an agreement with Tata Global Beverages to help spice growers launch their first branded product 'Spice Mist.' SIGCC is founded, managed and run by the growers of spices themselves. Spice Mist will be launched in two varieties- cardamom and pepper.

Addressing a news conference here, SIGCC Director Mr Sam Mathew said, 'SIGCC's hallmark is we're the only company founded, managed and run by the growers of spices themselves. Spice Mist is an attempt to provide the best of Indian spices to Indian consumers and promote our products on a wider scale. With Tata Global Beverages' help and assistance with marketing, distribution and packaging, we are confident of creating a distinct brand identity and wider market for our products." Mr Harish Bhat, CEO, Tata Global Beverages, commented 'Tata Global Beverages has a rich heritage of giving back to community.

"We are excited about this opportunity to help local spice growers create a brand identity for their products. Through our expertise in packaging, marketing and distribution, we look forward to helping the growers unlock the potential of their products and widen their market reach." The marketing alliance with Tata Global Beverages will help SIGCC and thereby the growers of spices to widen the market reach of their products.

Through this alliance, SIGCC can sell Spice Mist through Tata Global Beverages' wide distribution network. This will enable the spice growers to get a better price for their products by selling directly to the consumer instead of through intermediaries.