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NGO theatres project oppression against women

Posted on Dec 15, 03:32PM | UNI

Jana Sanskriti, a city based Non-Governmental organisation, which has been highlighting a number of burning social issues like oppression against women in rural Bengal, before the global audience though theatres and plays for long, is organising a fortnight long cultural fiesta here this week.

Describing oppression against women and human trafficking were the two most important social problems facing the state and the country for several decades, Jana Sanskriti Artistic Director Sanjay Ganguly here today said in order to bring forth these two issues further they had organised a number of programmes in the form of steet shows and theatres during the two week long extravaganza in presence of a large global audiences.

Speaking about the performances of Jana Sanskriti, which was formed by a group of dedicated individuals about three decades ago to bring forth a number of burnning social issues before a larger population, Dr Ganguly said after they came in touch with well known Brazilian theatre personality Augusto Boal they had formed a Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed in this Eastern Metropolis.

As majorty of the members and performers of the Theatres of the Oppressed comprised day labourers and farmers living in remote villages, they took part in more and more plays depicting various forms of domestic violence, child and girl trafficking and oppression against the fair sex, Dr Ganguly said and claimed that most of their performances received huge accolades from the audiences not only in different states and cities across the country, but also across the globe because they had mostly depicted true heart-rendering stories.

Experiencing greater success in this field Jana Sanskriti later turned its attention to involve direct participation of spectators in the plays and sought their opinion and direct intervension(into the play) while dealing with several burning social and economic issues on the stage.

Terming this new form of audience intervention as 'spec-actors', a term coined by Mr Boal, a number of new theatre scripts were written and presented by Jana Sankriti artistes and received overwhelming response from the audience during their presentation, said Dr Ganguly.

Through such an unique experiment Dr Ganguly claimed to have found solutions to several burning issues, related not only to Bengal and its villages but to also oppressed people in many other developing countries like those in Africa and South East Asia.

"While using the platform of theatres we not only deliver several positive messages to the society, but also make an effort to start dialogues between the oppressed and the oppressor as the violation of Human Rights was considered to be one of the greatest violations of humanity," claimed Dr Ganguly.

Apart from over 700 local artistes from different far-flung villages of West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand and Bihar, nearly 100 delegated from 38 countries across the globe are participating in the fortnight long Forum Threater festival, being held on the northern outskirs of the city from December 15 to 31.