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Ansari loses cool over Parliament disruptions

Posted on Dec 11, 05:33PM | IBNS

Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari on Tuesday lost his cool amid repeated disruptions during the Question Hour in the Upper House of the Indian Parliament.

Ansari made the comments at a time when Opposition members created ruckus in the House on Tuesday over Wal-Mart report of spending USD 25 million in lobbying in India.

"A situation has arisen in which the Chair has to watch helplessly the disruption of the Question Hour very frequently," said Ansari.

He also proposed to call a meeting of the Rules Committee and suggested to shift the Question Hour or dispense with it 'all together'.

"I propose a meeting of the Rules Committee and put before the members, two options. One, that we move question hour to another part of the day, or two, seeing that no one is interested in having their questions answered, we dispense with question hour altogether," Ansari said.

Both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha were adjourned on Tuesday over a ruckus over Wal-Mart's report to the US Senate that it spent the money on lobbying in India.

India's main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wanted suspension of Question Hour and instead debate on the issue.