Friday, 27 April 2018
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Washington D.C. , Apr 26 : Moms-to-be, take note! Binge drinking during pregnancy and lactation can hamper your newborn's mental health, according to a study.
New Delhi, April 26 : With summer comes the struggle of getting some blissful sleep amidst growing power cuts and soaring temperatures. Try out some smart ways like opting for lightweight cotton sheets or revamping your curtain, suggest experts.
Washington D.C. , Apr 26 : Regular mid-day naps can help tired adolescents' performance in school, suggested a study.
New Delhi, April 26 : Moving into a new home post marriage can be extremely exciting and fun. From the wall colours, finishes, furnishings and art pieces, the couple may have certain ideas for decorating the home. The best way to decorate your abode is to think about all the things that make the two of you feel comfortable individually and as a couple, say experts.
New Delhi, April 26 : From vibrant shades to warm pastels, one can oscillate between the two extremes and yet look on point in summer, say experts.
New Delhi, April 26 : Summer heat calls for giving up on those heavy and greasy products and switching to safe, healthy and natural products which can easily seep in through the pores of the face. So make sure you are choosing your beauty rituals wisely.
New Delhi, April 26 : A hot and humid climate is not your make-up's best friend. To prevent it from melting and make it last longer, stay away from liquid or cream bronzers and invest in good powder eyeshadows, suggest experts.
New York, April 25 : Do you consider yourself more ethical than your coworkers? Beware, this feeling of "ethical superiority" can lead you to ostracise or socially undermine your coworkers, and impact your organisation, according to a study.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 25 : Seems like, another use has been found for the all-rounder baking soda.
New York, April 25 : Are you in the habit of skipping your breakfast? Beware, your are more likely to gain weight and have a larger waist size, a study has found.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 25 : Turns out, being excessively fat with no other complication is not as safe as earlier thought.
New Delhi, April 25 : With the unicorn trend catching up globally as it represents a love for nostalgia, fantasy, and rainbow colours, treat yourself to unicorn-inspired slippers, hoodies or nail paints, suggest experts.
New Delhi, April 25 : Summers are the bearer of the sweet aroma of memories of vacations, lazy afternoons and mangoes. This fruit is loved by all young or old but lately it has been infamous for its sugar content and is considered as a cause of weight gain so can mangoes really make us fat?
New Delhi, April 25 : From preparing your hair to applying conditioner after the wash, it is important to take note of how to do it right to get healthy hair, say experts.
New Delhi, April 24 : Summer can bring in several hair woes. From using right serum to brushing in a proper way, experts say there are easy ways to tame your mane.
New Delhi, April 24 : Pain in the neck from too much mobile usage? Keep changing hands and hold cellphone at the eye level to avoid it, say experts.
New Delhi , Apr 24 : Off-late, infertility has become a prevailing issue among young Indians.
New Delhi, April 24 : As the summer season calls for travel, invest in the right kind of bags before you set out for a trip. While women have a lot of options, so do men as they can invest in smart duffle or crossbody city bags, experts suggest.
New Delhi, April 24 : Using warm water and shaving slowly can help you keep razor bumps at bay, say experts.
New Delhi, April 23 : From time immemorial, massaging the scalp with oil has proved to be immensely beneficial to the health of ones hair. Each oil brings it's own set of properties and essential benefits and there is no particular preference that one should look at while choosing oils.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 23 : Turns out, young athletes prefer healthy, nutritional food to greasy food, contrary to popular belief.
New Delhi , Apr 23 : Nine out of ten people like chocolate, the tenth is lying - there is more than a grain of truth to this saying. This sweet temptation is almost guaranteed to make your mouth water and can be enjoyed in many different variations.
Washington D.C , Apr 23 : Oldies, you may want to drink more water as according to a recent study, doing so can help you reap the full cognitive benefits of exercise.
New Delhi, April 23 : Save the elderly at your home from adverse effects of summer heat. Take them for a walk in the malls where it is cool or go swimming with them, suggest experts.
New York, April 22 : Researchers have found that activity in decision-making brain regions of people who use recreational stimulants can predict who will discontinue thier use and who will develop a drug use disorder.
New Delhi, April 22 : With the mango season on, stir up a khatta panna, make taco or try making a pudding using mango recipes.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 22 : Turns out, discrimination against women is not just restricted to real world. Even the virtual world of social networking sites has fallen prey to the menace.
New Delhi, April 22 : With the mercury soaring, the summer season can be unforgiving and sometimes fatal for our four-legged friends. And so, pet parents are increasingly becoming conscious and going out of their way to keep them cool and safe.
Washington D.C , Apr 21 : Anxious? You may want to add meditation to your daily routine as according to a recent study, it can ease anxiety and improve cardiovascular health.
New Delhi, April 21 : What happens when women from "silai schools" in rural India up the ante under the expert guidance of fashion designers? They not only hone their skills and amplify their earning potential but also learn about fashion, gain confidence and respect and the permission to move out of their homes.
By Jayanth Narayanan i Priya Bala,: The parking attendants at Martin's Corner usually have an extra duty to perform. Often they are summoned by diners who want to be photographed at the entrance to the restaurant, ensuring the signage is very much in the frame.
Washington D.C. , Apr 20 : Turns out, young victims of cyberbullying are twice as likely to attempt suicide and inflict self-harm.
New Delhi [U.S.A.], Apr 20 : A cotton kurta is the easiest summer wear, but that does not mean that it should not follow the trend and be a trailblazer.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 20 : Want to be seen cool? Here comes the answer - A big, huge, toothy smile.
New York [U.S.A], Apr. 20 : Stress affects us all and it isn't something we can entirely avoid. We all resort to different methods to beat it. Where some prefer to spend time with their pets, others indulge in fitness activities. But did you know, you can actually combine the two things and exercise your way to a stress-free life?
Washington D.C , Apr 20 : Turns out, you can switch up the flavour and awesomeness quotient of your morning cuppa joe every time.
London [United Kingdom] Apr. 20 : The months of May, June and July are that of scorching heat and humidity in most parts of the country. With the temperature crossing 40 degree Celsius on most days, the 'above normal' heat makes it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla: According to the Academy of Management, sexual harassment adversely affects not only individual victims, but is clearly BAD FOR BUSINESS.
New Delhi, April 20 : From mango sandwich to a mango dessert, one can try out some delicious ways of trying this fruit so that you can make the most of it this season.
In the midst of today's hectic lifestyle, let's spare a thought for one of the biggest threats to our health and general well-being: Excess of processed high calories and sugar. It is said that "prevention is better than cure". Does this mean we should stop consuming food and drinks which have sugar? Maybe not.
Shopkeeper: "Will you be paying by credit card, EPS, Apple Pay, debit card, Google Pay, Bitcoin or sacrifice of your first-born?"
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 19 : The struggles for weight gain among women are real, if not heard of much.
New Delhi, April 19 : This summer, let your clothes speak your mind and add bright hues to your wardrobe to make a fashionable statement, say experts.
Varanasi, April 19 : It's a city considered sacred by Hindus and is among the oldest in the world to have been continually inhabited. As the Ganges river flows past its ghats, all 88 of them, each one has a historical tale to tell -- if only the walls could speak.
South Australia [Australia], Apr. 18 : The growing awareness of the effects of junk food is slower than the pace of the effect that it has on your child. Understanding all about junk food and how to replace it with healthy eating is something a parent may want to know about.
New Delhi , Apr 18 : Heat is bad for men - it lowers the sperm count and irritates the testes. Many couples suffer due to this issue, majorly caused due to heat.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 18 : Did you know, your cooking skills in adolescence can strongly predict your future nutritional well-being?
London, April 18 : The long-held belief that strange behaviour by cats, dogs and even cows can predict an imminent earthquake is not backed by evidence, according to a new study.
New Delhi, April 18 : Increasing the acreage of wet crops like rice -- and also increasing the watering structures in areas that already have wet crops -- appear to be helping the sarus crane's unseasonal nesting and also their multiplication.
By Jayanth Narayanan, Priya Bala, Apr 18 : In its heyday you could, on any given evening, be dining at China Garden and have Goldie Hawn, Imran Khan or members of Bollywood's Kapoor clan at a table nearby. Playing charming host to his celebrity clientele would be Nelson Wang, relishing every moment.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 17 : Turns out, music aids not just mental health, but physical health as well.
London [United Kingdom], Apr. 17 : Thanks to all the recent innovation in sun protection, complaints like the inconvenience and unflattering residue are no longer excuses as the sunscreens help us to maintain a clearer skin.
London , April 17 : Ever heard of a coffee tasting session instead of the wine tasting session? Well, the entire concept of coffee-tasting is a not a far-fetched one considering the coffee-lovers are showing interest in tasting a large variety of coffee that is yet to be discovered.
New York , April 17 : Are you tired of practicing multiple kinds of dieting including crash dieting, liquid diet, and water therapies to reduce some extra kilos off your belly, here is a new sensor-based device which you could wear on your tooth and it shall detect the number of calorie intake per serving.
London [United Kingdom], Apr 17 : The emergence of social media has allowed us to become masters in keeping ourselves occupied for several hours on our cell phones.
New Delhi, April 17 : A majority of women prefer to go for verified profiles when looking for a life partner on online matrimony platforms, according to a survey.
New Delhi, April 17 : Redoing your office interiors? Try out some of the must have elements in office spaces like the right furniture, adding nature to the surroundings and activity based settings.
New Delhi, April 17 : The 2018 is witnessing some new trends in jewellery and the re-imagination of some of the trends of yore. From boldness, juxtaposition of colours, asymmetrical shapes to trapped and protected gemstones, experts suggest some trends for this year.
New Delhi, April 17 : It is that time of the year and swimming pools are filled with people who wish to escape the heat. Before you step out this summer, ensure you have some skin protection, say experts.
New York, April 17 : When a mother's depression goes untreated, it can negatively affect a child's cognitive development up to the age of 16, suggests new research.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 16 : Turns out, the type of alcohol you consume determines a lot about you for the moment.
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Apr 16 : Turns out, late workouts can disrupt your sleep cycle and affect the healthy lifestyle.
London [United Kingdom], April 16 : If it is common place for you to fall asleep while watching TV, or to groan while bending to pick up a magazine from the floor or forgetting people's names quite often, then these are tell tale signs that you're getting old.
London [United Kingdom], Apr. 16 : Be it taking credit for a business idea or chewing food in an irritating manner, sometimes we do not realise that we are pestering our co-workers because of these annoying behaviour.
New Delhi Apr 16: Sunglasses and summers go hand-in-hand. Apart from being a summer fashion statement; sunglasses also help in protecting our eyes from various eye problems.
London [United Kingdom], Apr. 16 : Summer is here, and so is the time to plan a vacation for some great time with your friends and family.
New Delhi, April 16 : Are you unsure about the kind of shoes you should invest in for the summer season? Opt for a comfortable pair of slip-ons, derby or boat style footwear, experts suggest.
New Delhi, April 16 : Adventure sports are unique in their adrenaline-inducing capabilities, owing to the thrill and 'risque' factor involved. However, a sports lover must venture into such extreme activities after being educated into the art of taking a 'calculated risk, say experts.
Washington D.C , Apr 15 : A new study indicates what you probably knew already: People with a superiority complex are especially prone to overestimating what they actually know.
New Delhi April 15 : If your pets are following to every nook and cranny of your house and especially when you decide to have some lone time in the bathroom, blame it to their 'pack behaviour'.

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