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Anti-dope agency collects samples of 81 players : Maluka

Posted on Dec 08, 07:51PM | UNI

National Anti Dope Agency (NADA) teams collected samples of 81 players belonging to all the teams participating in 3rd World Cup Kabaddi 2012.

The teams of NADA acted swiftly by serving a short notice and collected all the samples on a single day on the sidelines of league matches being played at Rupnagar, yesterday.

This was stated by 3rd World Cup Kabaddi organising committee senior vice chairman Sikander Singh Maluka.

Mr Maluka said that the Indian Kabaddi players (both Men and Women) gave samples for the second dope test, as their first dope test was conducted during the trails. He said that the teams of NADA yesterday served a short time notice to the organising committee of the World Cup to summon the rest of teams at Rupnagar so that their samples for the dope test could be collected.

He said that the NADA team randomly selected minimum 4 or 5 players of each Men team and 2 players of each Women team for the samples. "The samples would be tested in the laboratories duly recognized by WADA", Mr Maluka added.

He said that the samples for the dope test for the rest of players would also be collected in the due course of time during the 3rd World Cup Kabaddi 2012.