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Anna accuses PM of betrayal; asks for Lokpal bill before '14

Posted on Nov 12, 08:25AM | UNI

Warning of another huge protest rally if Jan Lokpal bill was not passed before the 2014 general elections, social activist Anna Hazare today accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of "betrayal".

Addressing supporters after inaugurating his new office here, Hazare said, "If Jan Lokpal bill is not passed before the 2014 elections, we will hold another rally at Ramlila Maidan." The septuagenarian also accused Dr Singh of betraying him by not fulfilling his pledge to pass the anti-corruption bill in Parliament.

"Our fight for Jan Lokpal bill will continue till it is passed by the government. I will campaign throughout the country and try to raise the conscience of the people. I will try to bring in a change," the septuagenarian said adding that the country lacked leadership.

"The time has come to reach out to every house in the country and spread the message of anti-corruption. We have to work for a corruption-free India." Hazare had yesterday announced a new 15-member team and vowed to start a nation-wide campaign against corruption from January 30, the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

"Gandhiji said to change the country we must first change our villages. That will lead to development. If people could be changed with money, then Tatas and Birlas would have done it," he said.

In September, Hazare announced the disbanding of Team Anna and parted ways with Arvind Kejriwal.

He said Kejriwal was following different ways to achieve a common goal of corruption-free India.

"We don't have faith in the path Kejriwal is pursuing," he added.