• Sunday, 26 May 2019

Got only 20pc funds for UP: Samajwadi Party

Lucknow, Nov 4 : The Samajwadi Party (SP) govenment of Uttar Pradesh on Monday said the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the Centre is depriving the state of its funds.

"We were supposed to get Rs 30, 000 crore for development of Uttar Pradesh. But so far we were given only 20pc of the central funds," said SP spokesman Rajendra Chowdhary.

"On one hand Congress talks of empowering UP. On the other hand, it refuses to give funds that UP is entitled to. But then, the party is known for its double talks," he said.

On Oct 30, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Uttar Pradesh's Hamirpur district where he slammed the SP government and urged people to bring his party to power in the north Indian state.

He said Uttar Pradesh will not see a change until the Congress comes to power in the state.

"Unless you bring a Congress government in this state, you are not going to be empowered. The state will not witness any change till that time," Gandhi said while addressing the rally.

He said Bundelkhand region should be developed into big Indian cities like Bangalore or Delhi.

"You all should dream big and vote for a government that makes Bundelkand as developed as Delhi or Bangalore," Gandhi said.

Slamming the state government, Gandhi said: "Delhi sends thousands of crores of rupees for your development. But you don't get anything....People of Budelkhand have been shouting for years. Their voices reach Delhi but they do not reach Lucknow."

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Got only 20pc funds for UP: Samajwadi Party

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