Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

ConsumerTrack Executive to Speak on Women in Leadership at FinCon 2017

DALLAS: ConsumerTrack Executive Beta Karimzadeh will be speaking at the Women in Leadership discussion at FinCon 2017, alongside a group of female professionals in the financial space.

This will be the sixth-consecutive year that ConsumerTrack, the parent company of personal finance website GOBankingRates, will be attending FinCon. The conference is geared towards the financial media community and allows industry members to explore new trends in personal finance and digital content creation.

Beta Karimzadeh is the Senior Director of National Accounts for ConsumerTrack, and will be speaking at the panel alongside a group of female professionals in the financial space.

According to FinCon's website, attendees will "hear from top female executives and innovators in the industry on tips for aspiring young women to navigate and thrive in the predominately male finance space."

"It's about women supporting other women, and navigating an environment that involves working closely with men at the executive level," Karmizadeh told ConsumerTrack. "Ad tech has been an industry primarily dominated by male leadership. That's changing — and we've seen that particular change in the last five to 10 years."

ConsumerTrack attributes its success to maintaining a balanced team of men and women. The company recently revealed an employee roster consisting of 56 percent women and 44 percent men. The company is proud to break the trend of tech and digital companies that lack gender equality across their organization.

Karmizadeh will share how ConsumerTrack's inclusive culture has been instrumental to the success of the company and why there are advantages in supporting women in the industry.

The Women in Financial Leadership panel takes place on Thursday October 26th, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM in Dallas D3. It will be available to stream in real time for those who purchase a #FinCon17 Virtual Pass, available at

About ConsumerTrack

ConsumerTrack Inc., an internet marketing agency that launched in 2004, provides lead generation, performance-based marketing and customer acquisition services to its clients for credit scores and credit monitoring, auto insurance, banking, CD accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and home loans, as well as home, life and health insurance.

ConsumerTrack specializes in creating, managing, optimizing and monetizing marketing campaigns for a variety of companies, ranging from small banks and finance groups to Fortune 500 institutions, insurance companies and other blue-chip organizations.

ConsumerTrack released the first-of-its-kind GoMediaNetwork ( in 2007, with a network of nearly 2,000 consumer finance web properties, which rank organically for thousands of local keywords and generate traffic for ConsumerTrack clients.

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