Thursday, 28 May 2020

Premiere for the new album from EXO's Lay launched in Beijing

BEIJING: The highly-anticipated premiere, 2017 Zhang Yixing Showcase, for the album Lay 02 Sheep, the second solo effort from the main dancer of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO, Zhang Yixing, better known by his stage name Lay, was staged at the Water Cube in Beijing on the evening of October 12. Lay greeted everyone with a masterful hot dance routine to the screams of thousands of adoring fans.

Besides the passion exhibited by the lucky participants inside the stadium, support from the legions of fans who did not attend the event in person was evident from the super-sized 1,500-square meter puzzle themed "a bear hugs Lay" that was displayed on the Water Cube's outer wall. The puzzle, made up of group photos from one million of Lay's fans, was a birthday gift created jointly by Guangdong Bear Electric, and the millions of fans enthused by the launch of his new album.

In the final weeks of September, when Guangdong Bear Electric named Lay as its brand ambassador, the company launched several promotional events directed at Lay's fan base, amplifying the messaging around the appointment, among them, "hugging Lay" and "making a birthday dinner for Lay". Fans who joined the events had an opportunity to "hug Lay" and to be a part of the huge puzzle displayed at the Water Cube.

Many of fans expressed their admiration for the bear that Lay carried in his arms for the entire evening, and took photos with the puzzle as a souvenir of their participation in the event.

The puzzle was not only adored by fans, but also demonstrated the confidence that Guangdong Bear Electric has in its ability to create a smart small household appliances brand.

Guangdong Bear Electric is a well-known name brand dedicated to the research and development of unique, innovative and healthy small smart home appliances. Through an understanding of the subtle needs of consumers backed by a top-notch research and development team specialized in small smart home appliances, the manufacturer expects to continue creating high quality products that are as esthetically-pleasing to look at as Lay, including a yogurt maker, an egg cooker and a food processor, among other electrical household appliances.

(PRN | 3 years ago)