• Friday, 13 December 2019

Delta Risk Celebrates 10 Years of Professional Cyber Security and Managed Security Services

SAN ANTONIO: Delta Risk, a global provider of cyber security and risk management services, announced today that it is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month.

From its roots providing training and cyber exercises for clients such as the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense (DoD), Delta Risk has expanded its offerings to include managed security services, incident response services, and security assessments. Over the past decade, Delta Risk has become known for its tailored security solutions and collaborative, personalized customer service.

Recognizing the increasing number of cyber threats, Delta Risk was founded in October 2007 by a small cadre of former U.S. military operations experts who had a vision of helping private sector and government organizations build advanced cyber defense and risk management capabilities. In 2015, TCG Diamond Holdings, an affiliate of The Chertoff Group, acquired the company. Since then, The Chertoff Group has partnered with Delta Risk to make ongoing investments in personnel, new security solutions, and the acquisition of Allied InfoSecurity. In the past two years, Delta Risk has expanded its senior management team, more than doubled its employee base and revenue, and opened offices in the Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia area.
•See company timeline: https://www.deltarisk.com/10year-anniversary-timeline

"We are very grateful for our clients and employees who have helped us succeed over the past 10 years, and it has been rewarding to lead the company's transformation," remarked Scott Kaine, who joined the company as CEO and board member in 2015. "Thanks to our dedicated staff, we are protecting more clients than ever, and introducing new services such as our cloud monitoring capabilities."

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Delta Risk Celebrates 10 Years of Professional Cyber Security and Managed Security Services

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