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NYC Hypnosis Center Contributes 50pc of Revenue to Houston Flood Victims

NYC Hypnosis Center Contributes 50pc  of Revenue to Houston Flood Victims
NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2017 : In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, NYC Hypnosis Center is giving 50 percent of all revenue generated from hypnosis downloads and mp3 sales through the end of September.

The NYC Hypnosis Center donates to help the Houston flood victims through the Red Cross.

Since Sunday, sections of Brazoria County have been under mandatory evacuation. The havoc caused by the hurricane has transformed city streets into rivers and caused massive flooding. Thousands of Houston residents have been forced to flee their homes in the wake of the hurricane.

On Tuesday morning, the eye of the hurricane was still in the Gulf of Mexico. Experts believe that 15 more inches of rain could fall on southwestern Louisiana and southeastern Texas. Houston flood victims are already saturated by the rainfall, but more rain is expected to come.

While thousands of people have been rescued, more Houston flood victims are still waiting for help. Currently, the Coast Guard is receiving around 1,000 calls per hour. On Monday, 3,000 residents were rescued by the Coast Guard. Search-and-rescue efforts have started as some residents try to forge through the floodwaters to safety.

Unfortunately, the situation is not changing any time soon. The swollen rivers will not crest until later in the week. Already, federal officials expect 450,000 people will need disaster assistance and 30,000 people will need shelters. FEMA is encouraging citizens with boats to volunteer to rescue stranded residents.

The National Weather Service recently announced that the tropical system hit a record level of total rainfall. In southeast Houston, 49.32 inches of rain has been recorded so far. Flooding records cannot accurately be obtained because the levels of water in the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs have actually flooded the flood gauges.

Rescuers from local, national and international organizations like the Red Cross are working to rescue stranded residents. To help, NYC Hypnosis Center donates to help the Houston flood victims. The organization will give half of its revenue generated by hypnosis downloads from now until the end of September to help Houston with their ongoing rescue efforts and recovery.

The NYC Hypnosis Center was founded by Eli Bliliuos. His interest in hypnosis started more than 25 years ago. While he began his career as an executive in sales and marketing, he later became attracted to coaching and holistic healing. This early interest led him to become certified as a hypnosis practitioner and trainer.

Today, the NYC Hypnosis Center for Profound Change LLC has branches in New York City & South Florida. Clients can take part in individualized sessions or download hypnosis mp3s. Sessions can be designed to help alleviate phobias, boost confidence, quit bad habits or heal emotional wounds.

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