Jitendra Singh hints at new health care initiatives for north-east

2 years ago | 02-06-2015 | ANI

New Delhi, June 2 : Minister of State for DoNER Dr. Jitendra Singh has said that his ministry would explore new initiatives in the field of health and medical care for the north eastern region, and

added that he will also look into the feasibility of these initiatives either purely as public enterprise or through public-private participation.

Dr. Singh said this during a meeting with a team of medical entrepreneurs led by Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Sangita Reddy here yesterday.

Reddy handed over a request letter to the minister for a possible public-private initiative in health and medical care in the north eastern region.

Dr. Singh on his part said many north eastern states have sought the reinforcement of their healthcare and medical facilities.

"However, there was no final word and it was yet to be decided whether this could be accomplished purely through public exchequer or Public -Private Partnership (PPP) and in case of the latter, a definite module of guidelines needed to be worked out," he added.

Despite nearly half a dozen medical colleges in the region, Dr. Singh said the north-east is still faced with a huge shortfall of health resources.

"With increasing health awareness among all sections of society, the need of the hour is not only quantitative supplementation of the services, but also provision for quality healthcare so that patients from the region do not have to travel to long destinations for treatment," he observed.

He further said the reinforcement of specialized and super-specialized healthcare in the region also held the potential to attract medical tourism from neighbouring countries, thus generating revenue and economic uplift of the region.

While seeking to bring the north-east closer to the mainstream, Dr. Singh said that his ministry would also try to make the region a part of pan-India state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure.

Being a medical professional himself, he said he will be open to suggestions and offers from various healthcare agencies from both private as well as public sector.