Kochi, May 25 UNI | 2 months ago

With few hours left for BJP leader Narendra Modi to become the 15th Prime Minister of India, the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), a political organisation of Muslim Community, today expressed concern over the Modi's Prime Ministership and said they had no hope in the new BJP government at the Centre.

"It is very clear from their (BJP) election manifesto that they would not safeguard the secular credential of the country as they had already stated that if they (BJP) government came to power they will introduce a uniform civil code in the country, which is not acceptable to the Muslims," senior IUML leader and All India Secretary E T Mohammed Basheer, MP, told UNI.

"We have no hope from Narendra Modi Government as it will never keep the very fabric of secular democractic status of India, the identity of India,' he said and warned if the new government took any measures against the interest of minorities, the IUML would take stern stand against any such move.

"If there were any move to damage the secular status of the country, it would mean that the country was being destroyed," he further said and expressed hope that Mr Modi would not take such a move which would destroy secular democracy in the country.

It was because of the failure in uniting the secular votes, the BJP could win the elections, he reminded and said the IUML would work hard to coordinate with all like minded parties to fight against any such move by the BJP government under Mr Modi.

(Posted on 26-05-2014)