Hyderabad, May 14 UNI | 2 months ago

BJP Senior National Leader M Venkaiah Naidu today said only Congress campaign was individual-centric not BJP's.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr Naidu said it was surprising that some Congressmen were saying they wanted to make the campaign substantial but the BJP was not in the campaign.

'We never felt shy of our ideology but we and our MP candidates were trying to highligt the failures of the Congress and the UPA and the achievements of Vajapayee's NDA Government and our BJP-ruled states', Mr Naidu said. He alleged the Congress campaign was individual-centric focused on personal attacks and built on total lies.

They tried to damage NaMo's personality and then started talking about communalizing politics.

Neither Mr Modi nor any other BJP leader worth the name raised communal issues.

Our campaign was focused on development and good governance and of course, on failures of UPA, he claimed.

The Congress Party ran a communal campaign, Mr Naidu alleged adding 'they tried 'to polarize voters and shamelessly approached religious leaders and also raised religious issues.'

'Though the BJP campaign was spearheaded by Mr Modi all the national leaders of the party are totally involved in the campaign but whereas the Congress campaign was confined only to one family and nobody else.

'The PM, was neither visible nor heard,' he claimed.

(Posted on 15-05-2014)