The Panaji, MAY 14 UNI | 3 months ago

Goa Governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo said the agriculture scenario in Goa needs special and focused attention and importance.

While there is no doubt that cultivable land is quite limited in Goa, it is nonetheless most necessary that efforts should be made to increase production and productivity on the available land by integrating scientific and technological knowledge and methods.

Governor Wanchoo speaking after inaugurating a three day event Goa Mango Festival 2014 in the city said our farmers, have a great opportunity to fill gap by increasing agricultural production by using modern techniques coupled with a sense of determination.

Speaking further the governor said, Mango is a fruit which every Goan,every Indian, relishes. As summer approaches, the people yearn for Mango fruits. The Mancurad variety is one of the best Mangoes in terms of taste, but, due to its high sugar content, its shelf-life is short and it is this characteristic that is one of the main impediments of its being a good export quality variety.

However, in the local market, it competes with any other mango. Hilario is another good Mango variety from Goa, which comes late in the season and which has earned fame by getting an award for being the sweetest Mango at the All India show held at Patna.

Although the mangoes of UP and North India are the best in the world and according to most of us, the much famous Alphonso is the highly overrated variety But after coming to Goa and after tasting the Goan mangoes particularly the 'Mancurad', among all the mangoes is far better than the mangoes he has eaten all his life so far, the Governor added..

The Governor also highlighted that exhibitions like this play an important role in encouraging our people to undertake agricultural activities. This Mango Festival, he said, will enthuse and motivate our farmers to take up this activity in a sustained and Scientific way.

(Posted on 15-05-2014)