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Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley today ridiculed Congress leaders for ''manufacturing'' their election campaign, describing it as a ''toffee campaign'' based on falsehood, and said 'Jairams and Sibals' had been God's special gift to the party.

Mr Jaitley, who is contesting from Amritsar, which will go to polls tomorrow, also slammed Congress spokesman Randip Singh Surjewala for showing a photograph of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi with a hawala trader and said he (Mr Surjewala) was smug enough to believe that Congress had won the election on this ground.

Mr Jaitley is pitted against a formidable Congress candidate Amarinder Singh, who is a former Chief Minister of Punjab.

''A new bright face in the media, Surjewala, discovered a motley crowd posing for a photograph with Mr Modi and spotted one rogue in it.

''His smugness showed that he believed that Congress had won the election on this ground,'' Mr Jaitley said.

Accusing the Congress of building a campaign on non-issues and ''buying its own propaganda,'' Mr Jaitley slammed the party for trying to ''manufacture'' a new campaign based on ''falsehood''.

''The Jairams and the Sibals have been God's special gift to the Congress. They then decided to manufacture a new campaign.

''They clapped like a child thinking that the 'Toffee Campaign was working, even though it was based on falsehood,'' Mr Jaitley said in his blog on 'How to manufacture a Campaign?'.

The BJP leader also slammed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, saying that he had ''decided to do a Kejriwal.''

Mr Jaitley said that having misused the CBI for the last 10 years, (Mr Kapil) Sibal was back now to abusing the CBI for not prosecuting Mr Modi in a case of no evidence in the Ishrat Jehan case.

He said as the campaign enters the last two phases, Congress party's campaign was a ''text book lesson'' of how not to organise it (the campaign).

The speech writers of Congress leaders thought that pedestrian points such as the Centre giving grants to the States, RTI, Food Bill, Land Bill were key campaign issues and had completely ignored the popular view.

He said the whole country had realised in December itself when the results of the four State Assemblies were declared, Congress was on its way out. The anti-incumbency against Congress was there to succeed. Mr Jaitley said that even though Mr Modi had captured the popular imagination, Congress thought that if Mr Chidambaram, Mr Sibal, Mr Tiwari, Mr Jairam, Mr Anand Sharma and Mr Beni Prasad were exceptionally rude and discourteous, they would demolish what they thought was the Modi myth. ''They ended up demolishing themselves,'' he quipped. Most of them either did not contest or were likely to come third in their own constituencies.

He said that when nothing succeeded, the 'snoopgate' was given a rebirth, hoping that it would succeed. ''But when things go wrong, they could go horribly wrong. ''Thus, it didn't succeed. These are the pitfalls of contesting elections without an issue and then manufacturing a campaign based on non issues.

''Congress ended up buying its own propaganda,'' Mr Jaitley added.

Mr Jaitley, who finished his seven-week election campaign yesterday, said that between the declaration of candidature and the finishing line, it was a long campaign, which was challenging to sustain.

He said he was faced with the campaign by the Congress, which had ''run out of ideas.''

''The Captain (Amarinder Singh) decided to deal with me the way he had dealt with Akali Dal through his career --be rude, discourteous and fabricate allegations--something will stick.

''Unfortunately for him, he was dealing with a different kind of campaign,'' the BJP leader said.

He said his campaign was issue centric, both at the national level and in the region of Amritsar.

''I was able to get back at him, politely but firmly. A lumpen campaign strategy of the Captain was hardly likely to succeed against me,'' Mr Jaitley added.

He said besides a team of dedicated supporters and a well-oiled election machinery, a candidate requires some ingenuity of mind to keep the voters' interest.

To repeat the same theme over a period of seven weeks could bore the voters' interest, pushing him to lose the concentration.

Pointing out that modern day techniques of campaign had proved to be a great asset, he said his daily morning blog was an integral part of his campaign.

(Posted on 29-04-2014)

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