Hyderabad, Apr 8 UNI | 4 months ago

The Telangana Muslim Joint Action Committee comprising of Tahreek Muslim Shabban (TMS) and other prominent Muslim organisations have decided to campaign for a secular, strong and developed Telangana.

To achieve this goal, the Muslim organisations will support the parties and candidates who can guarantee a secular and developed state where justice would be done with all communities with respect to empowerment in all walks of life, TMJAC chairman Mushtaq Mallik said in a media statement here today.

He said the Telangana state should undo the injustices done with a majority of people in the united Andhra Pradesh. The weaker sections, Dalits, backward classes and minorities have faced suppression from the leaders belonging to the upper castes in united AP. Therefore, the Telangana must guarantee the political, social, economic, educational and overall development of all the suppressed classes. However, even before the Telangana State came into existence, people of this region, who struggled for the last six decades to achieve statehood, have been betrayed by some leaders and parties. TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao went back on the promises that he has been making since 14 years during the statehood movement.

(Posted on 08-04-2014)