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Delhi event discusses poll questions

Posted on Apr 06 2014 | IANS

New Delhi, April 6 : 'Hum Dekhenge: Looking Back' - an event to help voters get answers to some questions ahead of the Lok Sabha election was organised here Sunday.

Questions such as "What do we want to vote for", "What does the future hold for us if we do not vote wisely" and "what is really at stake in these elections", were addressed through a series of panel discussions.

The event was meant to help voters, who are seeking a "change" with these elections, understand the meaning of "change".

Speaking at the event, which was organised by No More Campaign, Dalit human rights activist Beena Pallical said fascist forces needed to be stopped from coming to power.

"It is a danger to democracy itself, but very damaging to the rights of Dalits and adivasis, minorities and women," said Pallical, who spoke on "Dalit women and queer struggles against the politics of Hindutva".

Attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party for its stand on homosexuality, activist Nivedita Menon said: "Where do women stand in the Hindu nation? What is it about homosexuality that the BJP and its poster boy are so afraid of?"

"Why should anybody who values democracy as a space for different identities, multiple voices and powerful dissent, be afraid of a Modi-led BJP running the country," Menon asked.

Performer Maya Krishna Rao said people needed to vote for democratic values.

"We have to vote for democratic values - debate, discussion, bringing food, health, education and clean drinking water to the poor, respect for women and communities - whatever their religion, caste, gender, kind," she said.

As part of the event, musical performances and poetry reading sessions were also organised.

The No More Campaign comprises a group of citizens, including women's rights activists, queer activists, lawyers, writers and teachers from across India.

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