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Lance Briggs hopes claims of MJ abusing chimp are untrue

Posted on Mar 16 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, March 16 : Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, an animal lover, says that he would be very upset if he found out the abuse allegations about Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles were true.

The famed monkey specialist Jane Goodall claims Bubbles suffered serious physical abuse on MJ's watch, though several other people who spent lots of time with the primate say it's total crap, reports

"If that's true, it's despicable," Briggs said, "I don't ever want any harm done to animals."

But Lance isn't ready to condemn MJ yet.

"Just because (Jane) said he was beaten, doesn't mean it was. If she had proof, it'd be different," he said.

"I'm a fan of Michael's talent, so it doesn't take away from that, but my outlook of him as a person would change."

For the record, the MJ Estate has also denied that Bubbles was abused and says it still contributes money to the sanctuary where the famed chimp now lives.

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