Beijing, Jan 11 IANS | 2 years ago

A nine-year-old Chinese boy, battling a rare muscle disease, Saturday realised his dream of being a policeman in a kidnap case simulated by local police and residents.

Zou Junyi, diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in Xinyu city in east China's Jiangxi province, received the award of "courageous policeman" from Mayor Cong Wenjing after the young boy, wearing a tailored police uniform, helped subdue two "kidnappers" and save three "hostages" played by citizen volunteers, Xinhua reported.

On Saturday, it was arranged for wheelchair-bound Zou to direct traffic, watch police drills and visit the command centre where he was surprised to receive a call about the kidnap case.

He and special police were sent to the scene to deal with the case.

There, 23-year-old policewoman Liu Jinfeng pushed Zou in his wheelchair to approach the "kidnappers" on the pretext of delivering bottled water.

Liu was able to kick away the dagger in a kidnapper's hand and catch him. The other "criminal" was also caught later by the police.

Inspired by netizens, the project was jointly initiated by the publicity department of the Xinyu City Committee of the Communist Party of China and the city's public security bureau.

Before the simulation, more than 200 people had signed up, offering to play kidnappers and hostages for the boy.

Huang Wenhui, head of the public security bureau, said the bureau had mobilised almost all police staff to help with Zou's special day out.

"The Chinese dream can only be realised if everybody's dream comes true," said Huang.

Muscular dystrophy is a skeletal muscle disorder leading to loss of strength, muscle wasting and disability. Zou is currently only able to move by crawling on his knees.

(Posted on 11-01-2014)