Mumbai, Dec 22 IBNS | 2 years ago

Using rhetoric with his trademark showmanship that connects with the audience, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday took on Congress and Rahul Gandhi by pointing out that the ruling party's vice-president talks about corruption while his own party in Maharashtra dumps a commission's report on the Adarsh housing scam that indicts several Congress chief ministers of the past and other leaders.

"In Delhi a leader talks about corruption while in Maharashtra they are rejecting the finding of a commission on Adarsh Housing scam. Just see his audacity to talk on corruption," said Modi mocking the Congress talk on fighting graft.

"Should not people be relieved from corruption or not? I think it can happen," he said referring to differences in Congress ruled Maharashtra and his state Gujarat.

He said technology in Gujarat stopped corruption as he cited example of contiguous check posts in the two states where the check post in Gujarat has much more collection owing to technology while in Maharashtra it is manually run and hence collection is much less with corruption eating into it.

Modi said that before 1960, it was one state, and Maharashtra and Gujarat started their journey as independent states on the same date.

"In all these years, while there have been 14 Chief Ministers in Gujarat, there are 26 in Maharashtra. This reflects the character of the Congress government," said the Gujarat Chief Minister.

"We have to understand the character of the Congress Government. If we don't understand it, the country's problems will not be solved. To end our problems we have to uproot the Congress party... we need Congress free India," Modi said.

He said the Congress party is engaged in vote bank politics and follows a divide and rule policy.

"Until we eradicate India of vote bank politics and follow developmental politics, we can't have solutions to problems," Modi urged.

"The root cause of the problems of India are not its people or its geography or its history or its natural resources. It is Congress-led governments. India has to be rid of Congress," Modi analysed.

He said divide and rule has been the special feature of the Congress politics.

"India got freedom.. but Congress created deep divisions between brothers. They encouraged fight over language, caste, creed, natural resources and water," the aspiring prime minister said.

However, he did not miss the chance to promote his party and said the BJP has shown through its politics and policies that it is committed to development.

Modi said he did not want to project Gujarat as the Congress leaders get "stomach ache" hearing that, but the neighbouring state Madhya Pradesh has developed lot under the leadership of MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Modi attacked the Congress also for playing vote bank politics with Muslims.

"Minorityism is the bedrock of Congress politics and yet they have not done anything for the minority," he said.

"The Congress government has not spend a single paise in the past three years for the minority fund and they had to say that in Parliament,"he said.

Referring to Octroi tax abolition, he said in Maharashtra the term LBT is not local body tax but a way to loot distribution. "It is a technique to share the loot," he said, referring to the Octroi.

He said Congress is not serious to bring back black money from abroad.

"Even a small child in India knows that the black money is stashed away in Swiss Bank. Should not that money be brought back to India?" asked Modi.

He said there is a wind of change and "for us every poor is a VIP" and not just tea sellers who at the rally in Mumbai were given special passes.

"Wherever we go, we hear that Congress government is fearful that people will watch me on TV," he said claiming that in several places the Cable TV services were stopped so that people missed him speaking live.

"But my friends from Congress let me tell you, that whether am on TV screen or not, am there in the heart of the people. You can lock TV but you cannot lock me from entering the heart of the people where I have already found a place."

He said India's biggest problem is unemployment.

"Today the biggest problem is unemployment. Young people want to work hard," he said but cites lack of jobs, nepotism and skill development coming in the way.

He said skill development remained a lip service with only committees formed and nothing progressing in real.

He said skill development should be encouraged.

"We [read in his home state Gujarat] decided that a youth who passed seventh standard and do ITI will be treated as tenth pass," he said stressing on need to encourage vocational training to boost youth skills.

He also accused the Congress party of adopting the system of 'sifarish' or references during job interviews with Mahatma Gandhi printed currency notes.

Modi said bad governance is like diabetics which becomes the cause for every disease inside the state.

He said in 2014 people should not vote for a party, but vote for India.

"Vote for India," he shouted and urged the massive gathering to holler.

"Vote for India to get rid of bad governance, for unity, for a greater India, for stamping out dynasty politics, for housing, for security, for food and medicine, for education," he said.

"Vote for India for dignity of women, vote for India for a progressive India," he added.

(Posted on 23-12-2013)