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Farmers assns express disappointment on moratorium of biotech crops

Posted on Oct 27, 05:49PM | UNI

Three leading farmers associations of Andhra Pradesh today expressed their disappointment with the anti-farmers recommendation made by six-member technical expert committee which recommended a ten-year moratorium on research field trails of all biotech crops in India.

The Technical Expert Committee is appointed by the Supreme Court.

Addressing a press conference here, the associations leaders Nagarjuna Rythu Samakhya President, Guntur Lakshminarayana, Pratapa Rudra Farmers Mutually Aided Credit and Marketing Federation President, Warangal S Jayapal Reddy, and Karimnagar Manair Farmers Welfare Society President, Karimnagar Laxma Reddy said the farmers were facing several farm productivity challenges like lack of timely farm labour availability, high labour cost, insects, weeds, diseases, unpredictable water and nutrient availability.

Biotechnology or GM crop can be offered us some choices of solutions.

'The Technical Expert Committee recommendation for a 10 year ban is totally an anti-farmer decision,' the association leaders remarked.

'We need biotechnology, the right to choose and freedom to farm. We have full faith that the Supreme Court will do what is right for farmers who are in need of technologies to increase our productivity and personal prosperity,' they said.

'In the last ten years, by using Bt cotton seeds, the only approved technology in India, our cotton production has doubled and pesticide usage reduced as we spray much less pesticide to tackle bollworms, the main pest which attacks cotton and cause maximum yield loss,' the leaders said.