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Book depicting values of History released

Posted on Sep 29, 09:40PM | IBNS

The former Chairman of Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi Sabyasachi Bhatacharya Thursday released the book 'A History of the Modern World: An Outline' penned by author Ranjan Chakrabarti, pointing out that the book would help in guiding and making students understand the values of History as an essential part of life.

The book published by Primus Books in collaboration with Oxford Book Store Kolkata, outlines war events starting from the French Revolution to the Word War II.

According to Bhattacharya, as a part of syllabus students only get to know the same sort of Eurocentric History like the fifty years back, which should not be welcomed and the universities should be concerned about the matter.

From the very first day students in the higher studies only are taught about European History, whereas History of Latin America or African History is ignored, expressed Sabyasachi.

The author Chakrabarti who is the present Vice Chancellor of Vidyasagar University, West Bengal elaborated on the parts which stated that still the syllabus makers are keen on including Eurocentric History and that is why international problems like Palestine- Israel, India-Pakistan for the Kashmir issue still are burning, and United Nations could not succeed to solve out these.

Another scholar Sugata Marjit added, "This book is ideal for the students who want to learn the international history, because it has been written in a very simplified way, with a lot of references which a student needs to know for the exchange of knowledge."

"From the first chapter on French Revolution entitled as 'A Treaty of Paris, 1763', to the end World War II, will definitely get the students through the journey of the International phenomena though a clearer view," said a faculty of History from St. Xavier's and wished all the luck for the book.