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Best Seller Book Reviews: The Hunger GamesTrilogy by Suzanne Collins

Posted on Sep 14, 11:43PM | TINN

The Hunger Games Trilogy is written byAmerican author Suzanne Collins. The story of the trilogy is based in Panemwhich is the fictional nation that exists after the United States was hit by anapocalypse.

In the first volume "TheHunger Games", it is shown that a boy and a girl are selected from each nationto participate in The Hunger Games. Its protagonist Katnis Everdeen steps up inher sister's place as the contestant for "The Hunger Games" in which thecontestants battle it out till death.

The second volume-Catching Fire- continues from where it ended in the previous volume. Katnisreturns home after her victory. A rebel begins against the tyrannical Capitol.The book has the theme of survival.

In the third volumetitled "Mockingjay", Katnis is selected as "the Mockingjay" of the rebellionagainst the Capitol. This book is considered "the most brutal of the trilogy".All the series have been a success and has received credit worldwide