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Veteran sculptor pays tribute to Nature

Posted on Feb 25, 02:22PM | IBNS

By Barshali Banerjee, Kolkata, Feb 24, : Veteran sculptor artist Gopal Prasad Mandal on Friday inaugurated his solo exhibition 'Creative Journey' here at the Emami Chisel Art gallery.

Mandal through 'Creative Journey' showcased his works like Nicarcugaya, Load shedding, Teary Eyes, Rape, Trinity, Mother and Child and so on.

"I am highly influenced by the Nature, as we all are born out of Nature. My works are assimilation of organic and inorganic sources that hugely influence me to apply my philosophy towards life through these sculptors and drawings," said Mandal to IBNS.

According to the veteran artist, art has multidimensional effect to the eyes of people.

Because of the individual psychology people get to distinguish abstract art in multidimensional way and conceive it accordingly, he added.

As an apt example Mandal defined one of his creations 'Rape' and said, "People might conceptualize it as just two layers of abstract made of metal. As one deeply will look into the matter with philosophy it can be understood it is the depiction of distress and anguish in the lives of women in this societal context that I tried to condemn through my work. "

Also there were 6 forms of lord Ganesha, Gate of Kolkata, Purush and Prakriti, Way to Heaven, Egg Seller, Fungi, Symbiosis and his own self portrait crafted by himself along with 36 drawings that were in display as an expression of his sensitive representation in this sociopolitical arena.

Though being an Ex Senior Fellow of Government of India and Ex Head of the Department of the Government Art College, Kolkata, Mandal expressed his regret for not getting proper acclamation of his art form from the Government.

The exhibition will continue till the Mar 8.