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Karnataka to seek more Krishna waters from Maharashtra

Posted on Jan 08, 11:51AM | UNI

Karnataka Water Resources Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said the State Government would write to Maharashtra Government requesting release of eight tmc ft of water from Koyna and Ujani Reservoirs across Krishna and Bhima Rivers to meet the water shortage in parched areas of North Karnataka.

Talking to reporters here last night, he said the rivers in the state have almost dried up due to drought for the past two years. The Maharashtra Government had released 1.8 TMCft of water during last year when the State Government made a request.

Similarly, the Government has also decided to appeal that state to release water, he said.

Mr Bommai said if Maharashtra Government released water from River Krishna, towns like Athani, Chikodi, Rayabhag and other areas of Belgaum District would be provided drinking water for the current season.

Similarly, if water is released to Bhima River Areas like Bijapur and Gulbarga as well as Yadigir districts, will get drinking water.This will solve major scarcity of water in these districts, he said.

He said Andhra Pradesh Government has written a letter to Karnataka appealing to release water from Narayanpur Dam.

But as entire Karnataka has been reeling under severe drought and water level depleating it would not be possible to release water.

On the other hand, Karnataka has been depending on other states for meeting drinking water shortage, he said.