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Cheryl Cole owes 70,000 pounds to bodyguard?

Posted on Dec 17, 07:36AM | IANS

Singer Cheryl Cole's ex-bodyguard Craig Balkam has claimed that he has not been paid his dues for the time he worked with her.

Balkman protected the singer during her three months tenure as the judge of US reality show "The X Factor" last year and owes 70,000 pounds, but has not been given his salary, reports thesun.co.uk.

"She's got a lot of nerve. She's ignored all my requests for payment. She has around 30 million pounds in the bank and could pay me tomorrow with a click of her fingers, but is refusing to," Balkman told a friend, adding that he has now approached a lawyer to sue Cheryl.

"Craig would have taken a bullet for that girl. He can't believe what has happened," the friend added.

Cheryl's spokesperson refused to comment.