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Rajeeve moves Resolution to amend Section 66 A of IT Act

Posted on Dec 14, 04:53PM | UNI

A Private Member's Resolution to amend the section 66 A of the IT Act was moved in the Rajya Sabha today by Mr P Rajeeve of the CPI-M.

He termed Section 66 A of the IT Act as violative of the basic Fundamental rights.

Mr Rajeeve said there was a need to amend the section to protect the rights guaranteed under the Indian Constitution.

He said that the section 66 A of the IT Act did not have any backing of the law.

''The legislation is poorly worded. Moreover, the phraseology of Section 66 A is so wide and vague that the section could easily be subject to abuse,'' Mr Rajeeve said.

''If the Minister for Telecommunications and IT Kapil Sibal would peruse the Section, he would find several lacunae in it,''he said.

He said the section contradicted the present section 78 of the IT Act.