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Pakistani landlords held for killing farmer by dogs

Posted on Dec 12, 01:01PM | IANS

A group of landlords in Pakistan have been arrested for letting loose their dogs on their tenant farmer in a barbaric attack in Multan city of Punjab province.

Mohammad Hanif, the farmer, died at the hospital after fighting for his life for 10 days since the dog-bite wounds had become too infected to treat. The landlords, whose ferocious dogs mauled the tenant farmer to a painful death, were apprehended Tuesday, Geo News reported.

The incident occurred when Allah Bux and his son Asif subjected Hanif to brutal torture over farmland tenancy dispute. They set feral dogs on him, which sank their canines in his flesh all over his body repeatedly.

The initial post-mortem report revealed that Hanif succumbed to sepsis (infection of blood) following the dog bites.