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No wrongdoing in funding of Purti Group: S Gurumurthy

Posted on Nov 14, 05:43PM | UNI

RSS ideologue S Gurumurthy, who did an analysis of the Purti Group on the basis of which the BJP decided to back its president Nitin Gadkari, today said he had found 'no moral or legal wrongdoing' in funding of the company and the media is giving 'political colour' to his professional views.

"I wanted formally to record the oral views expressed by me at the Core Committee meeting of the BJP on November 6, 2012. At the meeting of the Core Committee, on my investigation of the Purti documents, I had clearly said that you had not done any wrongdoing morally or legally," Mr Gurumurthy said in a letter to Mr Gadkari.

Mr Gurumurthy reiterated that on his investigation, he had found and written in his columns that there was 'no wrongdoing by Mr Gadkari morally or legally' in the Purti matter.

"I had professionally examined the Purti papers and expressed my professional views. But I saw sections of media giving political colour to my professional views," Mr Gurumurthy, a Chartered Accountant and financial analyst, added.

There were reports that the RSS ideologue had denied that he gave any 'clean chit' to Mr Gadkari.

However, he retracted his remarks saying that he was misinterpreted.

"I think I am being misinterpreted. I have clearly said the media allegations on Gadkari are false. If this is a clean chit I have given it. Let me clarify that I have given a clean chit to Gadkari on Purti affairs. That is all," Mr Gurumurthy tweeted.

The BJP supported Mr Gadkari after the reports and said Mr Gurumurthy had come to a conclusion that there was no wrong doing by Purti Group and he has not made any u-turn on Mr Gadkari.

The party also called Mr Gadkari a 'social entrepreneur' working for the farmers.

"Nitin Gadkari is a social entrepreneur. In the Vidarbha region a large number of farmers have committed suicide. And therefore to give them a ray of hope, he ventured into all these social enterprises and these factories were establised and today the farmers there are getting good prices for their crops," BJP chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters here.