Monday, 25 May 2020

EhmetDx inks deal for the world's first self-shielded radiotherapy device

PLYMOUTH, Mich: EhmetDx, a Michigan based medical device company has executed an agreement with Orbital Therapy of Waltham, MA. acquiring exclusive rights to its highly anticipated radiotherapy device the MammoKnife.

The patented device was conceived by Alan Sliski who co-founded both PhotoElectron (now Zeiss) and Still River Systems (now Mevion Medical Systems). This device is the world's first self-shielded radiotherapy treatment dedicated to breast cancer. Without the need for additional costly shielding or bunkers, the MammoKnife can be housed in any treatment center or medical office allowing for a broader reach to patients in need.

"The MammoKnife has the advantage of applying the best in current radiotherapy solutions in a reconfigured enclosure that eliminates the need for a traditional vault, and has the potential to dramatically spare surrounding healthy tissue from unwanted radiation," said Alan Sliski.

Alan remains a mentor in at Harvard University's Rowland Institute. He joins the EhmetDx team adding therapeutic wisdom to its core strength in diagnostics. His development of the MammoKnife is the culmination of decades of experience in pioneering innovative radiotherapy devices.

"Nearly 1 million women worldwide will be diagnosed this year, including 250 thousand in the United States alone. It is important for us to take the lead in finding new ways to treat that have better outcomes and keep costs to a minimum," said Michael Teicher, CEO of EhmetDx.

(PRN | 3 years ago)