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Kat Von D Beauty's Best-Selling Saint + Sinner Fragrance Collection Now Available

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 24, 2017 : Kat Von D Beauty's most requested collection of all time is back - and better than ever - after popular demand from Kat's fans on social media. The resurrected Kat Von D Saint + Sinner eau de parfums are poetry in a bottle, written by Kat herself in celebration of the duality within each and every one of us.

Originally created in 2009, Sephora's best-selling fragrance collection features a covetable new design, which Kat spent months hand-sketching until the exterior of these bottles resembled a human heart and were just as beautiful and special as the fragrances inside. Kat treasures both beloved eau de parfums equally and the sister scents contain similar sweet floral notes, which can be worn alone or layered upon each other to create a custom fragrance - Different experiences with a shared heart.

Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here:

Kat Von D Saint Fragrance
100 ML ($85) USD
50 ML ($65) USD
10 ML - Travel ($22) USD

Sweet and floral, Saint is a poetic exploration of the lesser-known, softer side of Kat. Saint is dreamy, romantic and alluring with notes of mirabelle plum, jasmine and caramel in the floral fragrance family.

Kat Von D Sinner Fragrance
100 ML ($85) USD
50 ML ($65) USD
10 ML - Travel ($22) USD

Spicy, sexy Sinner is the embodiment of Kat's edgy, unapologetic personality. Sinner is dark, sultry and empowering, with notes of mandarin, vanilla and cinnamon in the earthy and woody fragrance family.

"When we first launched Saint + Sinner almost a decade ago, they were meant to be limited-edition - and for the past ten years, I have not stopped hearing from fans how much they've missed these two special perfumes! I've grown so much in the last 10 years — emotionally, spiritually and artistically — and I wanted that to show in the new design. The Saint + Sinner perfumes represent the duality in all of us, it's an undeniable human characteristic. We are all dual-faceted, and this plays out in every form of self-expression, whether it's tattooing, makeup artistry, fashion or the music we listen to. Saint is not for the goody two-shoes types, it's for your softer, more romantic side. With Sinner, I feel like I can conquer the world, go into a meeting and crush it. Personally, I like to start my day off as a Saint and graduate to my Sinner self!" - Kat Von D


Kat Von D Saint + Sinner fragrances are now available in the US online on and and in Sephora and Sephora inside JCPenney stores.

#VeganAlert! Kat's passion for animals means that all products are 100% Cruelty Free Forever. Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eau de Parfums are vegan. Share your looks and find more inspiration at, @KatVonDBeauty and #KatVonDBeauty.

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